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FACILITIES PROVIDED BY Alankar Wedding Company

Candid Wedding Photography

The candid photographers will be capturing portraits and natural movements of the close family, members, friends and relatives. It gives a creative and Modern touch to the wedding photography.

Traditional Wedding Photography

The traditional Photographer focuses on the groups, ceremonies (vidhis), along with the candid photographer.

Pre – Wedding Photoshoot

You can take us to your preferred place for a pre-wedding photoshoot or else we can guide you about the place where you can chit-chat, relax and have fun, mainly Historical places, Beach or Farmhouse . we will be capturing all this movements of yours in the Background.


Wedding story in the form of a beautiful movie with Glimpse of Highlight of around 12-14 mins.

Exclusive in wedding

You want that ‘most special day in your life’ captured in a awesome way and want that new chapter to be embedded in your memory- what better way to do that than entrust the matter to True Photography Wedding Photographers in Bangalore, who’ll capture all those delightful, priceless moments for you- just the way you want. We realize how important a day it is for you and will go that extra mile to make it absolutely perfect.

Our quality and professional team is nothing short of meticulous and we take great care to ensure not to overlook anything that happens on this occasion. We capture those light, laughter moments and the serious ones, the chaos and confusion so that you can relive the scenes one by one, long after the wedding is over. Our Wedding Photographers in Bangalore makes every moment special and truly memorable.

Your wedding will be photographed from every angle and covered as adequately as it possibly can. From the makeup and jewelry to your gorgeous attire, from the smiles and frowns of your guests to the decorations all around, you can rest assured that everything is captured by our photographers in the best way possible.